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About KHAOS Fitness

 KHAOS Fitness is an aerobics program currently inside LA WOKROUT designed to challenge your whole body improve speed, endurance, strength, and stamina.  KHAOS is about high intensity, fun, and motivating workouts feeding off the energy from the instructor, the music and everyone in class! KHAOS is not about competing with others, it's about competing with yourself and being better and stronger than you were yesterday.

Founded in 2012 by well-known instructor and personal trainer, Frank Herrera, KHAOS FITNESS began. Frank is well known for his high-energy, motivational classes and training that pushes you to your limits to achieving maximum results. Frank has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. Frank combines functional training, full body movement, and weight training to develop fresh and innovative exercises and classes. You will not experience the same class twice!

KHAOS FITNESS offers a wide array of fitness classes to appeal to anyone interested in being fit and staying healthy. Classes are welcome to all fitness level. Our classes include: Cardio Boxing, KHAOS BOOT CAMP, HIIT workouts, Elite Workouts, Circuit Training, TRX, and Zumba. Click for our schedule!

Frank Herrera- Owner, Instructor, Trainer

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